Welcome to the new site!

2016.03.04 5:52 pm

new site-01

So I’ve been making a big fuss about moving everything over to this new website, so you might be confused, or even disappointed that it doesn’t look all that different. Well too bad! it’s way different! just not in a lot of ways that you can see from out there. The new site is built off of WordPress which is something new for me, And it means i have this whole nice backend to work with. That means it’s going to be a lot easier for me to keep my portfolio updated, AND it has allowed me to quite easily add on this blog section. Hopefully that means that i’ll have a place to keep you all more updated on what i’ve been working on in a capacity beyond what I’ve been doing on twitter. Also it will hopefully mean i’ll have an shop on here in the not too distant future where I can sell prints and other things that i’ve been sitting on for Ever.

Anyway, i’m very excited about this whole ordeal and it was a great learning opportunity for me, maybe i’ll learn php for real now.