Naharot is an exploratory work and part of a series that looks at the ways in which analog and digital media can intersect in the world of modern art and design. Starting with the CAD model for a 3D printed roller, designed sculpturally in software to be elegant as an object on its own, but also functional as a piece of printing hardware; the designs in this piece were created using the geometric forms found in various views of the model itself. These forms were then dissected and rearranged into layers for screenprint with an eye to repeating patterns, iconography, and the glitch aesthetic. By transitioning to its screenprinted final form, the design is reinterpreted a third time by the simple nature of how the screen and ink negotiate the vernacular of line quality. The print roller itself is a ring created with FDM 3D printing. It is then fit to a simple paint roller mechanism. Using a second roller to ink the ring as it prints, continuous printing can be achieved. I chose to print with the roller to the extreme edges of the page in order to make a break from the rigid structure created by the layers of screen print, and to juxtapose the various qualities of each manner of printmaking.

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