Graphing Snack Mix relationships

2018.11.23 4:59 pm

Sometimes while in the depths of what would normally be a friendly conversation, you arrive at a point where in order to proceed, you must define the terms you’re working with, so that all parties involved can be on the same page. Oftentimes this is as simple as a quick statement of definitions and then everyone can agree. Other times it involves spirited debate about the criteria by which you make definitions. It is in this latter case that my roommate Adam and I were pressed to graph the relations and divisions among different varieties of snack mix.

Chromacle T-Shirt Design Process (part 1)

2016.10.26 2:08 pm

As an artist and a musician, I've always been influenced, to some degree, by metal and other "extreme" music. While the music that I make generally doesn't fall directly in line with a lot of what's considered to be in these genres, I'm still drawn to it as an aesthetic, and a sort of anchor point. A while back, I decided to draw a logo for Chromacle in something like a black metal style. I was super excited about this design, so I burned a screen and made a test print. My plan had been to release this design as a t-shirt alongside the upcoming Chromacle EP release, "Volcus." While I was procrastinating getting the EP released, a conversation came up where it was pointed out that what the design needed was a ridiculous illustration to go with it. While the conversation was almost entirely joking, it got me thinking. Any worthwhile metal t-shirt of course has some kind of wild fantasy illustration that takes up most of the shirt, which the band logo otherwise incorporated. If I wanted this to be a real as hell metal tee, I would need to step my game up.

New Website!

2016.03.02 8:57 pm

Hi everyone, for now this is just a test post, but this is my new website, and my first real experience... View Article