Chromacle T-Shirt Design Process (part 1)

2016.10.26 2:08 pm

As an artist and a musician, I've always been influenced, to some degree, by metal and other "extreme" music. While the music that I make generally doesn't fall directly in line with a lot of what's considered to be in these genres, I'm still drawn to it as an aesthetic, and a sort of anchor point. A while back, I decided to draw a logo for Chromacle in something like a black metal style. I was super excited about this design, so I burned a screen and made a test print. My plan had been to release this design as a t-shirt alongside the upcoming Chromacle EP release, "Volcus." While I was procrastinating getting the EP released, a conversation came up where it was pointed out that what the design needed was a ridiculous illustration to go with it. While the conversation was almost entirely joking, it got me thinking. Any worthwhile metal t-shirt of course has some kind of wild fantasy illustration that takes up most of the shirt, which the band logo otherwise incorporated. If I wanted this to be a real as hell metal tee, I would need to step my game up.

New Website!

2016.03.02 8:57 pm

Hi everyone, for now this is just a test post, but this is my new website, and my first real experience... View Article